A growing, engaged community

Styrenics Circular Solutions continues to evolve, bringing together leaders from the supply chain, other styrene- and expanded polystyrene producers, converters, recyclers, brand owners and trade associations which have launched recycling initiatives of their own.

SCS has also initiated partnerships with research institutes, such as Conversio.

Focused on impact

Styrenics Circular Solutions has created three separate working groups to heighten the efficiency and reach of SCS activities:

Working Group 1 | Technology

Objectives: Identify and accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies to recycle styrenics back into high-quality applications, even for food contact

Working Group 2 | Waste Streams & Sorting Technologies
Objectives: Facilitate the delivery of styrenics post-consumer waste feedstock to the optimal recycling technologies; and build up an SCS knowledge base through studies, cooperation with regional partners and learning from related initiatives

Working Group 3 | Communication
Objectives: Raise the profile of Styrenics Circular Solutions and awareness of the unique potential of styrenics for true circularity among key stakeholders, including policymakers, authorities, waste management partners and the entire styrenics value chain