Food packaging
Consumers want food to stay fresh longer, maintaining its nutritional value and good taste. Affordability and accessibility are important too. Brand owners want to make their food look as good as it tastes. Polystyrene helps to achieve all these goals. For decades, it has consistently protected food with better results for consumers and brands alike. It is also very resistant to damage, increasing shelf life as well as preventing and reducing food waste. Its light weight makes transportation easier, less costly and contributes to minimising emissions.

Making trains, cars, boats and other types of vehicles lighter ensures resource efficiency and minimises their environmental impact. Since styrene-based composites are light and durable, they are the material of choice for many applications. Styrene-based composites contribute to reducing vehicle weight to meet increasing fuel efficiency standards in the transportation sector. Styrene-based elastomers used in car tyres improve grip. When applied to the roads themselves, they make the surface last longer. Foamed polystyrene helps to insulate and preserve tem-perature in applications ranging from transport to retail.

Building and construction
Choosing the right thermal insulation for buildings is critical to ensure that temperatures remain warm in winter and cool in summer. This decision also impacts energy use and costs for owners, as well as determining a building’s environmental footprint. Experts choose panels made from foamed polystyrene to insulate walls, floors, and roofs for good reasons. Foamed polystyrene ensures that insulation remains light, rigid and solid. It helps to make insulation affordable and accessible, benefiting both consumers and the environment.

Some of the most common devices used at work, such as casings of televisions, computers and phones are made from styrene-based materials. They offer lifetime functionality combined with great ergonomics and an appealing look. Styrene-based materials are part of our daily life. In many household appliances and applications such as fridges, washing machines and coffee machines, no other material can provide the same combination of performance, quality, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness as styrene-based products.

Medical products
When it comes to handling blood, serum or other critical liquids, the healthcare sector needs materials that meet strict regulatory standards. That is why medical professionals choose styrene-based materials. They can rely on them to meet safety standards for sterilizability, heat resistance, durability and more. Polystyrene ensures the transparency, mechanical strength and inertness that professionals need. Polystyrene-based containers also offer the superior insulation needed to safely transport life-saving goods such as organs and vaccines.