Circular economy

When the road ahead is circular

The European plastics industry is taking on a new shape in the name of the circular economy. Because when we come together to recycle the most valued, high-quality plastics, both people and the planet will benefit.

The styrenics value chain has a particularly big role to play because of the polystyrene’s unique capacity for recycling. In short, no other mass-produced polymer can be as fully returned to its original form, and continuously recycled, as polystyrene.

But polystyrene’s intrinsic circularity can only be unlocked when used polystyrene-containing products get properly collected, sorted and channelled into the optimal recycling technologies. This takes teamwork and vision – with Styrenics Circular Solutions leading the way.

Teaming up for change

Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS) is the industry-led initiative, which is working to transform the styrenics industry.

SCS incorporated in December 2018 as an independent organization and collaboration platform with the aim to engage the entire value chain. The SCS members BEWI, CEDAP, COEXPAN, ELIX Polymers, European Plastics Converters (EuPC), Exiba, Greiner Packaging, INEOS Styrolution, Intraplás, Plastics Recyclers Europe, Tomra, Total, Trinseo and Versalis (ENI) have are commited to:

• Unlock the unique potential of styrenics for true circularity by engaging with the whole value chain
• Develop and scale-up innovative technologies to recycle styrenics back into high-quality applications, even for food contact
• Create a market pull away from incineration and landfill towards game-changing recycling solutions for styrenics

SCS has set out ambitious milestones to meet these goals and propel the circularity for styrenics forward.


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