When the road ahead is circular

The European plastics industry is taking on a new shape in the name of the circular economy. Because when we come together to recycle the most valued, high-quality plastics, both people and the planet will benefit.

The Styrenics value chain has a particularly big role to play because of the polystyrene’s unique and infinite capacity for recycling. In short, no other mass-produced polymer can be as fully returned to its original form, and continuously re-used, as polystyrene.

But polystyrene’s intrinsic circularity can only be unlocked when used polystyrene-containing products get properly collected, sorted and channelled into the optimal recycling technologies. This takes teamwork and vision – with Styrenics Circular Solutions leading the way.

Teaming up for change

Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS) is the industry-led initiative, launched in June 2017, which is working to transform the styrenics industry.

SCS is currently hosted by PlasticsEurope with the ambition to create a new independent organization to engage the entire value chain. The SCS members have signed a voluntary commitment to:

• Advance the game-changing technologies that recycle polystyrene and expanded polystyrene back to their original virgin applications
• Improve regional waste collection and sorting systems to drive more used polystyrene products into recycling, creating new recycling business opportunities
• Drive the large-scale implementation of the recycling technologies that deliver from an environmental and economic standpoint

Given the urgency of reducing waste, litter and the environmental impact of plastic, Styrenics Circular Solutions has set out ambitious milestones to meet these goals and propel the circular economy forward.


PlasticsEurope voluntary commitment

European Plastics Strategy