SCS Executive Roundtable “Accelerating circularity, enabling food contact”

At this first SCS Executive Roundtable, we discussed with leaders in the value chain what it takes to deliver the unique potential for full circularity of styrenics and how to foster engaging with the value chain. Topics discussed included:

  • SCS on track with recycled PS for food contact – Jens Kathmann, Secretary General, SCS
  • Policy framework for a Circular Economy with Plastics – Kirsi Ekroth-Manssila, Head of Unit Chemicals, European Commission
  • Depolymerisation technology for food contact – Dr. Norbert Niessner, Chair Technologies, SCS
  • Dissolution technology for high quality applications – Christine Bertrand – Infrastructure & Durable Manager Polymers Europe, Total
  • Leveraging sorting & collection for styrenics – Herman van Roost, Chair Waste Management, SCS